Dear 343 - A Letter of Concern from a Fan

DEAR 343

Hey guys, first of all i want to say we all appreciate the time your team has put into Halo Infinite, heck i’m team 343, i loved Halo 5 and even though i didn’t call it my favourite i supported Halo 4.

That being said…
Starting with the positives. Halo Infinites launch has gained nothing but love from my family and friends when it comes to Gamplay, (Even my dad! who was more a fan of the old school Halo CE days!) the graphics are great, the feeling of the game is awesome and whilst it’s not without its flaws overall for a Beta this is fantastic progress. and THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to play it early.

But as a fan i am growing concerned.


Halo has been a staple to Xbox for many years and i’m proud to be one of it’s members but i can’t help but feel the systems in place have essentially spoiled what Halo was about, where yes it has opened to everybody thanks to free-to-play. but it has also changed Halo. and not into the experience i relate Halo to be. Sure there has always been kinda grindy unlock systems, but just how much of this game is missing? The long-winded challenges and lack of any kind of reward aside from the slither of EXP we get for playing in ways we don’t want to play makes me feel you want us invested in the journey to unlocking and not actually enjoying your game.

The old-school weapons, the ranking systems, the emphasis on expression through spartan armour. it all seems so limited. And i have this feeling in me that you’ve done this intentionally to drip feed us nostalgia to keep us invested. Halo 5 was DOA and whilst the gameplay in this is so much better the content provided is lack-luster… and i fear this games early death or at least a missed oppourtunity to keep new players invested

We had no forge upon release and no Co-Op so i defended this decision and said “I trust 343 will give us a complete experience in the mean time” but with only a handful of maps and only a few ways to really play i feel like i’m playing the Halo Infnite DEMO, but how long will it feel like a demo? It took Halo 5 MANY months before it became what i would consider ‘Complete’ and i just don’t want this one to end up the same.


I will keep it as brief as possible so i can convey what i feel is wrong.

  1. Armour Cores are Limited, Removing the free-range of customization for your Spartan, will i not be able to mix my Season 1 set with the Season 2 set?

  2. EXP Progression is locked to CHALLENGES ONLY, which often leaves the play unrewarded for being invested in your arenas and instead camping out weapon spawns and vehicles to gain that sweet sweet BP nectar.

  3. Lack Of Playlists, Now i’m pretty sure this is just for the Beta, i do hope to see the return of Slayer Only Playlists, SWAT, Crossplay Options (For those who wish to play there inputs only) and some more Ranked options, that don’t include BR only… as i’d personally love to just be Ranked in Slayer AR (Yes i’m a scrub who loves the AR, come at me!)

  4. No Reward for Gameplay, With Commendations gone and ‘Level’ being just strictly a term for your Battle Pass, there no longer seems to be a reason to play. When i complete my Battle Pass what’s going to continue to give me a satisfying experience? Because i don’t earn anything but bragging rights and an empty feeling in my Armour Cores broken interior. (namely my heart)

  5. Challenge Swaps and Some Micro-transactions are predatory, I have been in a situation… where i have been told “Kill 5 Spartans with a Pulse Carbine” and i SUCK and i mean that with all the emphasis S.U.C.K at using that gun, and i felt anger unlike any other angry moment in my life. But because the only way to get Challenge Swaps is to progress the BP… Or i had one option (You suck at this challenge? Cough us £2 and i’ll make the mean man go away and throw in some EXP Coupons for you, because we KNOW how long this must take you) before gently caressing my face and leaving me feeling violated.

  6. Response Time On Forums… Now this leads me to why these concerns are coming up a little later than everybody elses…


I know you guys are busy and (Hopefully) doing those tweaks and adjustments we crave…
but where are you? I feel the communication is lack-luster and even if it’s just a Daily Update or more active members of 343 on these Forums, we’d all love to hear that our voices are being heard…

Specifically keep us in the Loop! This is a Beta right? So what are your next goals? what’s your next problem your aiming at solving? are you in there? Knock knock

I love your team for there efforts but we’re in this together to! i understand not everybody can be replied to and heard but there has to be SOMETHING to let us know that we aren’t being left in the dark, even the announcement of a sort of ‘weekly newsletter’ or a Roadmap? just some suggestions.


Okay i know i listed a lot of bad things off there, but i want to convey i won’t be giving up on this game. I have faith in 343 making this work, and i’ll be here through every update and season to show my support, i love this game. i really do, but that is why i so passionately do not want it to flop. Nobody played Halo 5 with me because they hated it, and i want Halo Infinite to bridge that gap.

I want to be making forge maps for this community to fight on, I want to see this Halo at the top as opposed to being neglected.

If you feel like quitting this game because it isn’t to your liking you are not supporting growth! So i encourage you all to play the game, and keep expressing yourselves here, not only does it help the guys at 343 but it makes this the Halo game we want it to be.

             This is not a hate post, It is intended as constructive feedback
                     See you in the field Spartans!

likley part of the reason why we arent getting responses comes down to the team being busy finishing the campaign, and then they will be off for the holidays, id expect a big info dump when they get back from break.

The other reason is, franky, Microsoft has to give the go ahead on any public statements, which takes time.

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But this is speculation, We could guess ‘Why’ and ‘When’ until the end of time, i feel even a statement from them saying “Hey guys! Sorry we’ve been busy working on such and such, we’ll be back soon” Would higher the morale of some of the crestfallen players i’ve seen on here.

I’d never deny a team of there breaks and such! but we do need something.

There is a lot that needs fixed sooner then later and I do agree with pretty much everything on here. I believe they will do good by us unfortunately it will take time. Halo 5 took the better part of a year to feel like a complete game with firefight and more maps. They have acknowledged alot of issues will be remedied in time. I just hope it’s worth the wait.

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You and me both, i love Halo to death it’s been my childhood and beyond, for as impatient as i am, i do have a good feeling about this Halo, maybe it’s just a fans perspective but in a few months this game with the right care could be utterly fantastic.

And when forge releases… i hope i get as hopelessly addicted to it as always!

I definitely agree with you on the lack of playlists, commendations and levels. I loved in Halo 5 where you could level up your commendations, see your medal count for each individual medals, overall KD etc. and of course, the overall SR ranks. Popping off in a game feels great, and you can look at your scoreboard and brag, but as soon as you’re out of that game, none of it matters, none of it gets added to an overall braggable stat.

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That’s exactly it! They didn’t necessarily give you anything, but having that SR number had some personal pride about it! Was like a representation of my time in H5.

Commendations were also rewarding but… optional, they never felt like i HAD to do them, so i earnt them at a leisurely pace which kept it fun!


Exaclty, and lack of urgency to complete something is what makes everything fun.
For example, MCC also has a battlepass and as we all know, medals, gameplay performance and win/loss gives you exp accordingly. Sure there were daily and weekly challenges, but you could decide if you want to get a quick exp boost by doing something you don’t like, or playing how you want and levelling up slightly slower.

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Absolutely! 100% agreed, It really hit me yesterday… i was peforming really well! Topping the leaderboards with my group and killing 15 - 20 enemies…

But even on my best games…
Played a match - 50ExP.

I felt so down about it, no matter how awesome i peformed because i didn’t play the match correctly it was pointless, so i ended up turning it off for the night out of frustration… Challenges should always be extra reward, but there needs to be a reward for just enjoying the game to.