Dear 343, a friendly reminder that the world is a sphere

I don’t know who came up with the idea for Twitch drops during the finals on Sunday August 7th, but this isn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last.

Dear 343, the world is a flipping sphere. Of a company that makes a game that takes place in outer space, I was expecting you guys would be aware.

For some people (for example here in Europe) these finals start somewhere between 1 and 3 at night. And it’s not even a Friday or Saturday night. No on a Sunday! Many people have to either work or go to school that next Monday.

Come on, just remove the specific part for the finals. That way people don’t have to stay up till 3AM or even later.


heeey jens ben je in dezelfde land als mij??


Pretty sure that most community events across the gaming industry happen in the timezone the developer and/or event is located in.

CSGO’s tournament times are timezone specific to the country they’re staged in as an example, Destiny’s World First raids are PST. The HCS finals (assuming this is the case) is most likely PST, how are they going to stream it at an earlier time in the EU when it’s being streamed live at 9pm from the West Coast of the US?

This isn’t a 343 issue, this is a timezone issue around live events that are scheduled specifically due to venue availability and other industry/business specifications. This is reality, either provide a functional fix that conforms to the rules around the concept of time or don’t level an illogical complaint that can’t be fixed the way it’s described.


The events also last for a decent chunk of time and you only need an hour for Primal Glory. I don’t like such hot-items are locked behind twitch-drops and promotions (emblems or nameplates are more fitting), but complaining about timezones being timezones is just petty.
Instead of staying up late for a video game item, if you care about it that much, go to sleep early and wake up early before getting ready for work. Or set an alarm, put the stream on mute, turn your phone facing down so the light doesn’t disturb you, and go back to sleep. There are much better solutions than trying to stop a company on the other side of the world from doing what they keep doing.


I was kinda hoping this thread was meant to imply that 343 is a group of flat-earthers in an attempt to insult their intelligence.

I am disappointed.


You know, I actually thought that too. You are not alone in disappointment, Spartan (or Elite, whichever you prefer).


The world is only America. What’s an Europe? What’s an Asia?


False, we live on a ring.


one trick is to just leave it going and mute it, you don’t actually have to “watch it”

Set it to go and sleep

This. Couldn’t possibly care less about the esports stuff. This is the best way to complete it.


and I don’t even have the video going usually. You can set it to audio only and it counts for the drops


Yes yes! :grin: NL. Jij ook NL of BE?

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It’s actually a geoid. Just leave the app running on the phone and don’t forget to charge/mute overnight.

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Iirc i tried that for a warframe twitch drop and it didn’t work but having it at low volume did work

Try being Australian, then come talk to me


Also is it just me or have they been increasing the watch time requirements lately

Nah, it’s the same. Been there for every twitch drop so far

No thanks i would rather not have everything out to kill me also as a person who’s scared of spiders its one of the top 3 places i want to avoid because of all the spiders there

You don’t really see spiders all that much honestly

I could’ve sworn everything used to be a hour requirement instead of them throwing two hours as a requirement every once in a while

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