Dealing With Loss - A Question For Forgers

While Halo 5: Guardians doesn’t technically make use of always online digital rights management, the vast majority of its content requires a constant internet connection (and subscription fee) to be accessed. So, for all of the Forgers out there, how do you come to peace with the fact that your hard work is a server shutdown away from becoming forever lost? What inspires you to start new projects?

I personally love to Forge, and I think what inspires me to start new projects regardless of the fact they’re easily lost is just, honestly, the ability to create. It may be pointless if a server is deleted later on, but it’s creativity unleashed. I think I just enjoy the fact that I can release them and feel like I’ve made my contribution to the Halo community. For a while, I played on my little Xbox 360 with no Xbox live on the campaign over and over again. I just like being part of the community. Anyhoo, that’s my too-deep response.

I don’t think I’d really care if such a thing happened post Halo Infinite launch, as I forge particularly for organizations in the central clan community; not the ones in the customs browser with no standards. By the time Infinite is out, my “clients” will have already moved on and all my old projects will most likely just be remastered on a new game if they were good or valued enough, of which I have a few.