Dealing with idol players

Loving the beta so far, however one occurring problem that I’ve noticed is that there are too many games with idol players(standing players) who don’t participate. These players essentially give opposing teams free kills while at the same time make the game 4 vs 3 or 4 vs 2. What ever the reasons people chose to stay idol, it provides a negative experience to all players. Couple of possible solutions I thought up of…

  1. Bots- similar to the left for dead series if a player is idol for too long then the bot overtakes the performance of the spartan. Now this could be exploited by players seeking to increase rank so as a precaution of exploitation if players do undergo bot control they earn no increase in both competive and spartan rank if they win however if the team loses, rank can still go down.

  2. Ban timer - idol players will recieve increasing long banishment from playlists the more reoccurring times of being idol
    1st time- 15 mins
    2nd time - 1 hour
    3rd time - 2 hours
    so on and so forth

what do you guys think?

They need to just do a ban on idle players. It take 5 seconds to dashboard or turn off your xbone. That’s, there is no excuse for anything else.

Ya there is no greater dissatisfaction then to be one game away from ranking up to the next level only to have a team mate or 2 standing the entire game and costing you the match and with as team centric as halo 5 it’s near iMpossible to earn the next rank order

I’m down for an auto boot or ban for idol players. It ruins the match so quickly