Deadlock - How do you play this map?

When I first saw Deadlock, I was thrilled. Standoff was one of favorite H3 maps, up there with Guardian and The Pit, and had some of my best games there. Deadlock gives me nothing but struggles.

Deadlock feels like it plays so much different than Standoff. Spartan Laser, for example, is not as OP as it used to be. With the addition of boosting, it’s hard to hit another Spartan. The premier power weapon feels like it should be the Railgun, since you can get some ranged one-hit kills in the way that the Laser used to give. I used to be able to weave in and out of the rocks in the middle with a BR, but with the dashing and speed it just feels like venturing toward the middle is a death sentence. Even standing on top of the bases feels different with the sight lines. Deadlock looks like Standoff, but it doesn’t feel or play like Standoff.

So forget Standoff.

How do you play Deadlock successfully? What are strategies or play styles that work?

I’d say it really depends on your playstyle. I prefer to be a support player longer distance so I try to camp DMR and put shots into anything and everything I can see. It helps racking up tons of assists. If I have to maneuver (CTF) I try to never go into the middle, I stay around the edges of the map. The satellites are great spots to post up and provide cover fire/get kills. I’d consider those probably the strongest areas on the map.

Ghosts are extremely deadly on this map because it’s the easiest to navigate without flipping (flatter surfaces) once again, I tend to never rush middle even for Spartan laser. As you’ve said: the railgun and rocket launcher are much more important.

Only thing I hate about this map is sometimes you spawn dead middle of the map and get shot from both bases.
I generally don’t complain about spawns - practically never, but this map is the exception.