Dead Zone in thumbstick...

I’m not really sure if anyone has noticed. But when playing the game on high sensitivity, there is a dead zone in the thumbstick that really hinders steady aim of the player.
For players that play on lower sensitivities, this dead zone might not even be noticed much less mess with their experience of the game. But for me personally, it really degrades my experience of the beta at least. I’m not sure if they might fix this when the real game comes out, but they should definitely look into this.

Absolutely 100%!!! I posted about it myself just now. It’s driving me nuts. I thought I was crazy till I went to MCC and had no problems. It’s possible they could have done this so get people to buy the elite, but I’m on a monitor and it feels like I’m using a 50 inch tv. That’s the ONLY thing I’m finding wrong with this game. I really hope they fix it

Really? Damn. Well, I play on 6/10 so it doesn’t really effect me