Dead Zone A (DayZ)

“So this is it, this is whats left out here nothing but rock and sand.”

This is a Day Z map and before your turned away let me explain that this isnt just some throw together map ive made. Take my word for this but i bet at least once you will stop and think what a beautiful map.

This Day Z map tests Halos forge on how big it can be and it defininatly is a big map. There is tons to explore lots of places you can designate as your own and its just a lot of fun to play.

You can Team up with friends and start to collect weapons and vehicals on the map as well as defending your own.

There is a huge teleporter in the center of the map on top of a cliff that you climb. This teleporter will take you to a random location on the map and im sure you wont end up in the same place twice. This teleporter can either give you the edge you need to survive or it can just dump you in the middle of knowwhere.

Ive player this in customs a lot and ive not had any negative feedback that has stopped people from playing and anything that seems overpowered or just wrong ive tweeked within the hour because i like to keep my map running at its very best.

There are 5 main locations on this map.
1.The City
This is where your most likely to find weapons and other players so watch out.
This is a very quite place on the map where you wont find much other than saftey as your less likely to encounter other people.
3.The Base
This is on opposite side of the map to where the City is and the surrounding area is flat but you will find vehicals and other players.
4.The Teleporter
This is where you will find your self climbing a mountain to use the teleporter. I havent see many people around it at once but its better to be on guard just incase.
5.The Wall
This is one of the safest places you can be with only one enterence and one exit. Inside the wall is where i usualy go when i have everything i want. You dont see many players in the wall but there is always combat outiside.

There are many hidden weapons on this map you may find useful. So keep your eyes open for anything.

Additional information

Okay so i will have two types of this map. This type you cannot travel to the otherside of the wall as i havent built there but my other type you will as it will be a “Safe Zone” where you can collect ammo and basic weapons. No player can do harm in that safe zone.

Im not going to list tge weapons below otherwise whats the point?? XD

This is a work in progress map and will continue to evolve and change as long as this map is played often enough.

Thank you for reading i hope you enjoy your time out in the Dead Zone GOOD LUCK