Dead on Arrival Game.

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I did the last tech preview for this game and it runs even worse then before.
Windows 11 Can’t run this.
Weapon switching glitches still there.
This games net-code is atrocious.
I’m aware this is a “Tech Preview Beta.”
But this game runs on hamster wheels.
This game was built around the consoles.
Streamers still getting sub 100 fps with 3080’s making their 144hz/240hz/360hz monitors useless and screen Tear.
I guarantee this is how the game will launch then 2 weeks later it’s gonna have 1.6k viewers on twitch cuz how trash it performs.
And then they’ll roll out tournaments to make it look like the viewer count is high.
The only thing good about this game is how pretty it looks.

Games DOA bet.

The scary thing is that the last flight was 2 months previous to this flight and launch is 2 1/2 months away. Everyone keeps saying “It’s just a tech flight”, but really what can they change with only 2 1/2 months until launch?

You might be right. Game might just be DOA.

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If you’d like to report a performance bug feel free to put it in Halo Support.