DE15's Solution to ranks (hear me out)

I don’t understand the point in ranks. I really don’t see the point they serve. It isn’t skill because a 30 can beat a 40 and people don’t want ranks that goes higher just by the more games you play, when that is basically what it was in Halo 3. If you played more, than you were a higher rank than someone who played less but just because that person who played less…played less doesn’t mean they couldn’t beat you.

Ranks need to be strictly situation if they were to return. I know a few of you have been in the position where you are kicking -Yoink- in a game but your team is full of people who want nothing more than your team to fail. So they do everything in their power to ensure that you lose the game and you get demoted.

So i say, make ranks completely personal and specific to game types. Not playlists. Player medals will also affect their rank.


A player is a level 100 in slayer but a level 25 in oddball. The ranks will start players off at 50. How well they do after that point will either gain them points to becoming closer to a 100 or drop them further to zero.

If a slayer game kills are just everything but in objective games it is different. Objective games players will rank up on their ability to get the team closer to victory. Such as grabbing the flag,the amount of time they have the flag and if they plant it. Also Medals such as flag defender, attacker and jousting will get players closer to ranking up while getting basic kills won’t really improve it too much.

In a slayer based game kills and assist are everything. To promote more teamwork in team based slayer games players will get more points for assist than for kills, granted it is a smaller amount and getting sprees, and continuous kills like Double Kills will have players rank up faster than those getting the basic kills.

Adding names to how you get kills and objectives will also let people know more about the people they were about to go into combat with. Such as in Slayer if you get mostly headshots you will get the title of Marksman but if someone gets lots of grenade kills they will be a Grenadier. Same for objectives players who carry the flag alot will get carrier based titles while those who support or defend the flag will get titles based around what they do.

So if someones a Level 100 Sniper you will expect what that player is going to do, or a level 75 Assassin you don’t really have to guess how you are about to die. There will also be negative ranks. I don’t want to say they will be insulting but something to try and get people out of their rut of losing.

Like Sniper Bait or Canon Fodder.

If this doesn’t work than i suggest that if people really believe that ranks are what keep Halo alive and not the new ranks or my type of ranks but the old Halo ranks that i suggest that either players should get the ability to not show their ranks and former game history all all to the public.


Players will also get titles from what from PVE game modes, forge, threatre and being in different positions in parties. As well as buying them from a store. Yes i do want credits to come back because they lead to some nice rewards. Like Firefight voices, armor effects and different looks for armor. With Halo 4 introducing skins for Halo games for guns and armor, maybe credits could get us those as well even for vehicles if we want to Spawn them in Forge, like spawning a flaming warthog or a Ghost with blood on the hood.

Not to mention Elites. I really would like to see the elites return. Not going to lie if they aren’t back in Halo 5 in a good manner. Not like in Reach where in MP only in a few places than it would be very clear that 343i doesn’t want people like me playing a Halo game.