De-sync'd Gunplay and Bloom

Hello! I am Atrega and I’ve been playing Halo games on multiple accounts since Halo 2 release. I love the series and think its time for Halo to have its competitive comeback, finally. Here are some notes I have gathered as input from my experience playing the Halo Infinite Tech Preview.

Shooting, reloading, and clambering do not feel smooth regarding the firing rates of guns. The tempo feels…. off. The fire rate for the power weapons, especially the coveted Sniper Rifle, seems to respect the bloom mechanic a little too much in the Halo Infinite Tech Preview. This disrupts the natural feel to sniping when players are used to other Halo games. Most competitors would say that the gunplay in the Halo Infinite Tech Preview seems clunky and un-polished due to these factors. The key word to focus on when further describing what I am trying to say is that the shooting when swapping weapons, reloading weapons, or clambering feels “de-sync’d”. If the intention for Halo Infinite upon release is to have little to no aim assist, make the reticules match the gun and remove bloom from them. It seems all primary weapon types have very similar if not the same reticule size, but huge bloom bullet spread when firing continuously. If I am in a 1v1 battle and decide to challenge the other player, I shouldn’t have to burst shoot almost every primary type of weapon that I pick up to maintain accuracy at ANY distance. I have found that three-round burst firing automatic weapons and the sidekick two times each makes every enemy one shot and finishing with one round to the skull for the kill. There are too many things to focus on as a Halo competitor when our hearts are going 200 bpm and we are trying to make a play to gain momentum for a win, especially with all the additional mechanics, weapons, and utilities that have been introduced in the Halo Universe. This unforgiving bloom factor feels EXTREMELY unnatural for a Halo game especially regarding the fast-paced gameplay that most Halo competitors are used to.

Now let’s hunt the good stuff. The game in Technical Preview status looks magnificent. The depth perception, shadows, movement/map ratio and sounds are obviously what we have all been waiting for. Finally, the new medals earned from high kill streaks and additional special kills sound incredible and sends chills down my spine, especially when I hear “grimmmmm reaperrrrrrr”. Keep up the high-quality work and I look forward to the day the game is released!

I really hate the bloom on the assault rifle, battle rifle and the new automatic weapon. I want that spread to be consistent and small, and to be recoil based. It feels like I’m getting punished for having good tracking because the bullets are landing everywhere except the middle of the crossfire.