De-ranking is too punishing

Ok so I made it to Diamond 1 a few days ago and just hopped back on today to play. I lost my first match, left my second match due to bad teammates and a lot of rage from being shot through corners and other issues i have with instances that i think the player is cheating or really the game making it feel like they are but they’re really not just how things looked to me but that’s for a different topic. Anyways my third match I stuck to the end thinking I can still win nope had enough of it lost that game too and I kept an eye on my progression. I de ranked back to plat 6 from a huge chunk of points lost which I think is too punishing like I can’t even explain how much you lose from leaving a match when you know you whole team is going to lose. I think it should be tweaked a few notches down to where it’s not overwhelming punishing. Mind you these are the matches i played just for today i been off of Halo for 3 days now due to work an being sick. My progression before the derank happened was a smidge away from the halfway point. Now im at a 3/4 quarter way from trying to get back into Diamond from plat 6.