DDoSing in Infinite Multiplayer?

In the last ranked game I played tonight I saw, for the first time in my 100+ hours of multiplayer logged, three of my teammates disappear/crash all at the same time. One of them happened to be my friend I was partied up with.

I sent him a text telling him I was the only one on our team remaining against a team of four players. He replied that everything had crashed, and that his internet went down entirely.

This just absolutely screams “DDoS”; but I don’t know how it’s possible. I’d be flabberghasted if players could pull IPs for it.

Additionally, I can’t check Halo Waypoint game history as it doesn’t seem to display it anywhere. Why is THAT?! I’d like to see my opponents’ history of having DNFs on the other team but this game feels like two steps forward, one step back in a lot of regards.

Anyways, thoughts? Suggestions? I struggle to believe this would be anything besides a DDoS, but at the same time, there’s no way this game’s security would allow that, yeah? Or is this MCC all over again? :roll_eyes: