Ddosing in Halo infinite

So I am currently in diamond 2 on Halo infinite and I have had no issues on my Xbox. As soon as I get into a match I get hit offline. Not sure how my IP is being taken but I have literally found no other way to get help as all I can do is report players on Xbox and I don’t know who it is. I have went to theater and it’s hard to tell because they could just have there botnet pulled up while they are waiting to respawn. Just want my elo back and to actually play the game. If not I want a refund of all my items on my account.

Its run on dedicated servers so it wont expose your IP its not like MCC

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I think it’s something else.

What exactly happens? Do you lose connection to Halo: Infinite or Xbox Live? Does it go farther and take down the internet for your whole computer or house for a period of time?

This issue is certainly not the result of being DDOSed but it may be diagnosable with more information.

I joined a match. My internet is my whole apartment. So everyone in my whole apartment complex lost internet for 4 hours. I felt like I was targeted because as soon as both matches were over I was able to go back online. Then I switched games and was still getting ddosed.

I feel like it is someone using octosniff I am blacklisted but if you pay money they can still access your IP. It stores ips and was mainly used for games like rainbow 6 siege. I never have internet issues like this and the fact my internet would come back on after the match makes me think it’s a ddos

My whole apartment is connected off of one server or router so everyone has the same IP. And I was losing internet connection only when in a ranked match. After that I was fine. So now the owner had to contact the internet service provider and I think is changing the IP.

That sucks.
In the nature of figuring this out I’d like to know if this only happens while playing a Halo: Infinite match. Has this happened multiple times or just once?

Before doing anything else, why don’t you set your Xbox Live profile to offline? There should be an option to make it say that you are offline. I think it shows up when you click on your profile in Xbox Game Bar. This way nobody will be able to tell if you are in a game or not.

What I’m wondering is if this will happen if you start up another Halo: Infinite match. If it does then I’d bet that it’s your router failing when put under load.

I can’t connect to the internet at all. I’m just on my phone.

This has happened twice. My internet was shut off. It wasn’t the game. I can’t even connect online.

Oh, so it’s still down.

If it happened twice then I wouldn’t really think it was related to Halo: Infinite. If it was a targeted DDOS then I’d sooner believe it was the same person twice instead of two different people. Are you sure the router isn’t just failing or your DNS provider is down? I would look up general information about fixing your internet connection before thinking it was a DDOS.

I thought that it was going down for brief periods of time during or after a match. That’s happened to me before when my router was failing.