*DDOS* Redacted

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I’d like to think there would be a team or someone who takes Malicious network DDOS attacks and manipulation/ Cheating seriously over at 343.

Hopefully someone who can do something about this actually sees this and it doesn’t fall upon deaf ears again.

But these guys have hit me offline countless times in Ranked Slayer around level 30. You can see from their mccstats they are getting wins with as low as a few kills a game because they hit the other team out.

I wouldn’t be too bothered if it counted as one loss but I’m needing 5 wins a rank and instantly deranking after getting hit…

I’ve switched relays on but with software nowadays that’s not going to stop this in my opinion. These tags need banned to set an example or your multiplayer in general and definitely at higher levels is going to be ruined.