dbl exp / pioneer

So…If we use dbl exp while equipping pioneer will we get even more exp per game?

Potentually, yes. However theres no possible way you will have any specializations unlocked at the time, so it wont happen.

Well you would have to reach level 50 before getting the chance to equip Pioneer. Not only that but lets say you get up to level 50 before the promotion ends, and you haven’t used 200 dbl exp matches. You choose Pioneer as your first specialization, we don’t even know at what level you unlock the armour mod. It could be level 10 of the specialization.

By that time, the promotion will probably be over.

Hmmm, I was under the impression that pioneer would be available right from the get -go. Haven’t been following whats going on…

It will be available from the get-go but in order to play any specialization you must rank up from SR-1 to SR-50, then you get the choice of which specialization you start with.

i guess i was clueless on this issue. i thought you could use pioneer or wetworks ( whatever its called) from the get go unless you purchased limited edition - then you could start with any of them. lol. thats the only reason i purchased the limited edition. if i gotta get to 50 before using any of them, im just gonna get the regular edition.