Day/Night Maps & Weather Maps

Since the Halo 3 Beta, I’ve been asking Bungie to include both Day/Night/Evening maps in the game, it hasn’t happened yet :P.

Anyways, is there any chance we could see each map with different day time variants?

For instance, each map could have a variant, one with it as night, another day, another with rain, etc. It would add more replayability (IMO), and would make matches more interesting.


If I’m understanding you correctly, you want ALL maps to have multiple variants of weather and/or lighting effects (day/night or light/dark). If this is not the case, skip to the 2 last paragraphs for my opinion on weather effects and lighting in Halo 4.

I do not know about different variants for the same map, because that is a lot of work for little reward.

For example; 343i technically can work on the same map and add different weather and day/night effects for it, but if they made a rainfall variant, day variant, and night variant of the same map they would have to rework on the map 3 times, changing things like textures, lighting, and so much more.

Let’s say right now 343i wanted to remake Powerhouse for Halo 4. If they wanted to add a rain variant, then a night variant, then the original variant (day), they would have to work on the same map 3 times. This means that while the map looks different in terms of aesthetics, all the 3 variants will play the same. In that same time, 343i could have created 2-3 different completely new maps.

Instead, they should create maps with rainfall, night, or whatever other conditions as a map default. That way we get more diverse maps, instead of only getting like 6 with different weather conditions.

So let’s say we get a Powerhouse remake in Halo 4 with rainfall in it. They can then move on to a new map like The Pit (Halo 3) and give it a nightfall makeover, as if the training facility was deserted and make the map look much grittier than the daylight variant from Halo 3. So instead of getting one Powerhouse with 2 different variants (night & rain) we get two different maps while getting all the effects we wanted.

As for lighting effects (day/night or light/dark) and weather effects, I love the idea. I have always advocated for this. Can you imagine playing Timberland (Halo CE PC) at night (not pitch black night, but either lit up by the moon light or artificial lights) with snowfall? I get the chills whenever I picture myself running and gunning Halo-style in a tundra-forest type of environment.

As for the future of Halo 4 and 343i adding such effects, it looks bright =). If you take a look at Prisoner, a map coming out with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, 343i has already added a small snow weather effect (albeit a small effect). There is no reason for us to believe that Halo 4, with it’s improved graphics and better engine, that 343i will not give us weather effects in multiplayer when we see that Reach’s engine can support it.