Day 3... This game is AMAZING!

I’m an OG Halo guy and I went into this thinking the worst cause of the delay and all. First day I was like… Ok, the gameplay is tight but miss the boost of H5. Then day 2 I was liking it quite a bit more getting used to the changes and the art style. It felt like a real life Halo type of game. Not fantastical with abilities and all. Day 3… This game kicks -Yoink-! It’s so damn tight and fun. This is just small maps. It feels like a straight up crazy sandbox of Halo 3 or something. Thanks guys! I was negative the whole time and I’ve been completely changed.

Granted launching this on so many platforms has to be nearly impossible and THANKLESS (due to PC players). This is a huge endeavor but the core gameplay of Halo Infinite is sensational. I’m saying this as a Series X user. It’s been fantastic.

Thank you 343! You’ve totally impressed me. I have the same feeling of playing playing the H3 beta when you had to get Crackdown to play it. Killer! Maps are so organic and beautiful.

I’m really hoping to get Emailed about my acceptance into the Flight, I was never able to really play Halo since it was barred to the Box but I did manage to hop onto Halo 4 during its release, now that Infinite is getting onto PC I feel like this is the first time in years I can go crazy with Halo again! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your experience so far, reading this is just making me even more excited to get my hands on the game once it’s out (assuming of course, that I can’t get into the Flgiht)!

There is definatly a soild foundation to build upon here

They’ve got a long way to go but I can say I am definetly happy wiht the direction they are heading

I like the lack of boost. I don’t feel the hook has enough utility to be a feature worth adding. The biggest gripe i have is that it is really difficult to gauge how many shots it’s going to take to down the enemy. Pistol and sniper seem to have been a major focus, with both taking more accuracy and shots to be effective. I feel like weapons with higher rate of fire will be more of the go-to.

Yeah about the 2nd day it grows on you. I’m glad the AR is actually useful now and looks/sounds bad az. BR is on point as well. Wouldn’t change/nerf these weapons at all

Loving the game so far as well. Foundation is great. My favorite is perhaps the pacing of the matches.