Dat Halo 5 Aiming

So the aiming system is really interesting. At first I didn’t like it, because it kind of threw me off and doesn’t feel intuitive, but it might be interesting to see how it affects long range gameplay. Does anyone else find it weird?

It feels slower in reaction time compared to other halos. The aiming almost feels delayed. The turning speed in relation to the player pressing on the thumbstick pushing left or right feels slower compared to previous halos and feels less fluid. It seems that there is some adjusting or changes that seasoned halo players must make in order to adapt to the style of the halo 5’s aiming mechanics. It seems that it is designed for extreme precision like a computer mouse. While I believe that adjusting precision is necessary for a game like halo, the game also requires increased turning speed so that one can make quick turns left right up down. The slow turn speed may be good for precise aiming but becomes slow and clunky when required to make quick turns when pushing the thumbstick leaving the aiming mechanics ultimately unbalanced favoring precision over quick movements when the aiming should be a balance between precision and quick movements. I believe previous halos had a good balance between precision (slow taps) and quick turns or taps. Im trying to get used to the aiming changes. I feel like I am going to have to adjust my muscle memory everytime i switch between halo 5 and any of the previous halos which is a real bummer in my opinion.

This guy illustrates what you guys are all talking about. and I agree the aiming is wonked up.

I’m not sure- maybe this video offers some explanation?


about 2:45 minutes in.

I heard about the bullet magnetism thing, and personally I like it. The idea behind it was to make it harder to aim (low aim assist), and easier to hit the enemy (high bullet magnetism), which definitely increases the need for precision but not enough that you can’t hit anything.
I usually play with high sensitivity, so I haven’t noticed the slower aim speed, but I’ll try to notice it next time. Also the weapon zoom feel different for some reason.