Dat Defender helmet

It looks sad. Why? You answer.

it really wanted to look like a skull face, but the War Master helmet beat him to it

thats because he is asking you to kill him,“kill me…kill mee…”
Because his face is just asking for it

He is still waiting for his specialization code.

So I’ve been doing my homework on this, because it’s my go to helmet for Halo 4. Sue me, but I liked the expression. The markings stretching down from the eyes, seem to represent tears. A crying giant, perhaps understanding the paradox of his existence. That to defend, he need destroy. To protect life, he must take it. A tremendously psychological stance, both in its present context and origin.

I remembered that it was a gladiatorial thing, but I got that notion from 2000’s Gladiator (great movie, terrible historical accuracy) where Tigris of Gaul had a face plate of a stoic, neutral expression with a single tear falling from the left eye. This face plate was based on a depiction of the mask of tragedy, usually paired with a mask of comedy to depict the dynamic range of the theater. Appropriate, for our puppet. The single image of Tigrus pulling down his faceplate stuck in the minds of viewers, and is seen again in the videogame Dark Souls 2, represented by the helmet of The Looking Glass Knight. I can find no earlier references than Tigrus’ faceplate for the crying giant style helmet, and 0 historical examples of a crying helmet, although rare examples exist modeled on a mask of tragedy. I’d frankly like to see more of these.

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