'dat Boltshot

Every game feels like I have a shotgun in my back pocket. The gun with charge is seriously OP. The gun gets abused on Abandon high end slayer games.

It’s impossible to charge now resulting in stalemates because everygame is now basically shotty snipes. It’s a little too good of a side-arm if you ask me, I mean heck i abuse the crap out of it too.

It’s only useful for it’s charge blast. And it’s range is extremely close to extremely close. You have 4 charge blasts if you don’t fire any other shots and don’t pick up any ammo. A person can easily out shoot you with any primary weapon if you don’t get the drop on them.

How to beat the Boltshot:

Step 1 - Stand 3 feet away from your opponent

Step 2 - Shoot opponent with any weapon you want

Step 3 - Win.

It really isn’t that good unless you use the charged up shot that isn’t that good either unless you’re point blank and time it very well.

It takes good aim, timing, and distance to use effectively.

If someone is outside of 3 or 4 feet from you, it’s worthless. If you don’t time it right, you fire prematurely. If you can’t aim it, well, then it’s like every other gun.

Don’t just run up into someone’s face if you don’t know what weapons they have. Or use your armor abilities to draw out the shot.

Very easy to counter.

I discovered the boltshot this morning in my hour before work. I used it once before and missed my charge, raged and never used it again.

However today i felt on fire with it, the range is small ,and it feels like it requires pretty good aiming to get a OHK, but If your on the defensive it can really save your -Yoink-.

Love it now! got some double Kills with it, i wouldnt say its OP, but i dont see myself going into games (especially regicide) without one!

I freaking hate the boltshot! Screw that gunn I’d be happy if they got rid of the gun in general. It doesn’t take skill at all for someone to use it

> How to beat the Boltshot:
> Step 1 - Stand 3 feet away from your opponent
> Step 2 - Shoot opponent with any weapon you want
> Step 3 - Win.

Except the bolstshots efective 1 hit kill range is 15-20 feet so good luck with that ROFL

Agreed, Jamage :smiley: Nothing like seeing people downplay what they don’t want to see nerfed.

You know this thread was from 3 months ago, don’t you?

Of course?

The boltshot is like a shot of bolt, it bolts a shot and gets too hot for your shot.

Yeah that don’t make sense but whatever.Boltshot is for the most part fine, and kinda matches its name in a sense.343 reduced the range to nearly half of what it used to be.Sure a OHK weapon on spawn is now in Halo, and gets abused, why wouldn’t it.

It is not a terribly big deal or else matches would be renamed Boltshot Haven, bolt your way to victory.Oh how many boltshot complaint threads does this make now, just curious.Over 9000 me thinks.