Dastardly Evil taking new members!

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Dastardly Evil is taking new members starting today! Originating from the early days of Halo: Reach and a temporary hiatus, the clan returns home to Halo, with Halo 5! As right now we’re currently getting comfortable and setting up shop, we are taking new members in order to build a solid infrastructure to base plans for a revival of one of the biggest clan communities ever! Right now we are entirely Arena focused, with a fiery determination to reach the highest ranks possible and get into the HCS and you can be a part of that today! Requirements are as follows:
-Must be mature and respectful
-A K/D of at least 1.0 or above is needed for permanent membership, otherwise you will be on probation with a senior member to test your skills and see if you can improve with time.
-Must be able to listen and follow directions, learn callouts and be active weekly.
-Mic is NECESSARY to be apart of the clan as many activities require communication at all times (Exceptions can be made for special situations i.e. you will be getting a mic or otherwise)
-Must be a good team player and be able to learn and fit into multiple roles of a fireteam i.e. Slayer, Pointguard, Sniper, OBJ etc.
Rank and Squad will be given upon successful approval of membership
If anything above scared you or made you feel nervous about trying out, we really are a chill group of people who just want to have fun in the game, even though we strive to win we know nothing is better than having fun doing it. So we won’t judge to harshly, and as was stated above we’re just getting situated in the game so our numbers are small are the current moment and we’re contacting old members to bring them back online and begin the community again. We really want to welcome you and invite you to play with us because we’re sure that you’ll love it. If anyone who reads this has any questions or would like to ‘apply’ (apply as saying you want to join; just fancy wording for it) please feel free to message Mickey Joystiqs on Xbox Live or email DastardlyEvil@gmail.com with your gamertag and anything special you’d like to say about yourself. I really hope you consider us to be your new home and family on this amazing journey we’re having. See ya around in the field.
~Mike “Mickey” Curry
Leader of Dastardly Evil

added you on xbox would like to chat - GT - Qtica