Wow. That is a total improvement.

I know some of you guys don’t like it, because its not the same gun you fell in love with in H2, but I think that its more of the Chief’s style. The way they’ve shown it off, the BR will be the Chief’s signature weapon for Halo 4, instead of the AR. The BR of Halo 3 wouldn’t fit in with the Reach-styled weapons, for instance, and this is a step even further. The new BR seems to have taken on some of the style from Reach’s AR, at least from a third person view. Its much shorter and has the same color scheme. Now the AR will prob still be there, but it looks like the BR is to be the Chief’s main weapon for this one.

And, if you really do want something more akin to the BR of previous games, the devs MIGHT still put in the DMR…for some reason. I mean, it is a weapon, after all. And while it does still look different, it looks closer than the H4 BR does.

I think that’s the way it should have looked in the first place. The game takes place 500 years in the future, after all.

“Das neue Battle Rifle”. Nur um dich zu korrigieren :stuck_out_tongue:


Thx god someone actually realized that. So I’m not alone with this one xD

The look and sound of the gun means nothing.

The way it works is what’s important and we can’t know that until we play with it.