DarQ Gaming Recruitment

DarQ Gaming is new to halos clan community. DarQ Gaming is a well organized clan ran by DarQ Castles 27 and DarQ Viking. to join us we simply play games with you for a week or 2 to veiw your play style and to test your communication skills. We as DarQ Gaming on H5 will be Both Militarized and Competitive. there will be Days where we do 4v4 challenges where money is on the line as prizes however we have our own system for that and all DarQ Gaming rules to all that join. Game Message DarQ Castles 27 for more INFO: Halo Branch Lead : DarQ FoxHunter signing out

DarQ FoxHunter,

I’d like to offer you and all your active members a chance to join up with Heavenly Sword (Heavenly Sword II, Heavenly Sword III, Heavenly Sword IV). Rather than build from scratch, you could join our community, be on your way to Achilles (HS1 is getting it today!), and even win some great prizes through contests. We have experience running events (including prized events) and are well organized. We’ve successfully merged in 5 other small companies in the past, so it’d be great to have you, too!

Definitely consider it and give us a look at www.heavenlyswordgaming.com. If you’d rather do you own thing, no worries and good luck in your recruiting!

See you out there,

Sadly i can not accecpt your offer truth we as DarQ Gaming have our own community to work on by adding H5 to our game list