Dark Theme. Please give us choise

I dont want to sound disrespectful. but with all due respect. why such a dark skin. reading on this after a few minutes burns the text in my eyes. looking at any other white background messes with my vision…

This is very irritating and annoying. Also. you guys know this. the text on main site is grey. that is still fine. but pure white on black or dark? Are you kidding me? Seriously! Get it together.

End rant. TLDR

Reading white text on black over exposes my eyes and caused distortion/ghosting etc when looking on white screen.

Please give is light skin. I appreciate you efforts but dark skins are not for everyone.

Thank you


If you’re on a computer, get the Extension “Dark Reader”, it allows you to adjust colors of any website.


Thank you for suggestion! i will look into it. I cant stand looking at this site. My head and eyes hurt.
Still it should be very basic understanding. Accessibility has been a thing for decades. how could they have thought everyone will be cool with this dark theme?


Personally, I like the dark theme, and actually I have the exact opposite problem to yours; my eyes hurt IMMENSELY on white backgrounds. But like I said, just get that extension, it is mostly used for turning white pages to dark, but it gives you brightness, color, contrast, etc options, so maybe you can find some settings that makes it better for you.


well it didn’t work well on waypoint. Still Thanks for you help

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I prefer dark themes. But functionally uses less battery on mobile devices then the light theme. Could be behind their reasoning. The web developer in me coming out lol. I do it for a living haha.

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Hey Enlightening!

A light mode is somethign I’ve asked about as well but realistically, i don’t think anything will happen very fast. But I am going to keep asking as much as I reasonably can. :slight_smile:


Would definitely love to see a lighter theme make its way here myself. As someone that used to build custom stylesheets for sites to make them fully dark, my eyes shifted over the last few years and now I’m fully light mode for everything


I honestly think that the dark theme is better, I always had it in the old waypoint so, is ok to me, i think :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah, i remember the white screen in the old days when i realized that a dark theme existed with my eyes screaming of pain. HAHAHAH

Ya, you would think they would have both dark and light options hmm… :thinking:

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I also prefer the dark theme; however, I also agree that having the option is typically a common feature nowadays.

I started work last night building a custom light theme that can be applied using the Stylus browser plugin. Won’t work for mobile though. Once it’s nearing completion I’ll share it here for anyone that would like to try it :slight_smile:


“Once it’s nearing completion I’ll share it here for anyone that would like to try it”

I use Stylus. Let me know when you finish it. Although I do like the dark theme.

OH really!!! you are a life saver!! Please keep us updated.
Cant thank you enough for working on this!

I appreciate this. Although I am suprised mods had no say in redesigning the waypoint app.

I wonder if community feedback from beta had this problem?

Light mode is a must on any website. I’m already getting a minor headache being here.


Agreed. More choices are always better.

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In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to endure changes every few years, we would simply have choice, but it’s not possible because … because nothing, it’s perfectly possible, why every website, logiciel, and apply are always impose us their choice ? We are the users, it’s to us to decide !

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First version is now ready for people to try out