Dark Order of the Sith is now recruting !!!

We are a multiplatform clan right now we are looking for more members to recruit please message Darth Kitana for more info here is our fb page Redirecting... .Be sure to stop on by our new webpage here http://darkorderofthesith.sithportal.com Follow us on twitter too at https://twitter.com/DarkOrderSith . We are recruiting right now for Halo reach and Halo4 ,so if your interested please ask for more info please contact DarthKitana. Later on we will form a guild in swtor ,and other mmos etc , but for right noe just Halo. You can try for Mortal Kombat as well :slight_smile: We play many different games etc but were mostly about having fun . Were also looking for more diversity so we would like to see more female gamers be interested . Yes we are a star wars based clan but we are also regular too so if your worried about major role playing no need the clan is just star wars themed ,therefore you do not have to know nor like star wars to be apart of our clan . May the force be with you.


16& up Mics too

Must be an Active player

Must be not only active but a dedicated player as well

Must have a KD of .80 or higher

One thread per clan/group please. You can find your original recruitment page here. Thanks.