Dark Legion Requirment and Recruiting Message

We are a strict military sangheili clan, based in Halo Reach and Halo 4.
Devoted leaders who are on every day.
Our soldier who are on active duty never break.
Their will and love for battle, with unparalleled skill we shall conquer.
They train like gods. The way in is through our rigorous boot camp and daily training session.
With a full strict ranking system, and several branches,
We wade deep in enemy territory lending the beam rifle to high ranking officers whiles our Minors assault straight from the ground.
With our method of training I proudly say only 25% make it through our harsh boot camp.
But discipline is the root of all success.
If you have what it takes join up and see what a real fighting force looks like,
We Have people that you can talk to If you want to join Send a message to Azathur,Escape xVPShoTx or PVG Pure,A message saying your From the Halowaypoint.Requirment must be 14 Year or older ,You will need a mic if you wish to get higher the Major, You will need kik to be active in The chat of the Dark Legion You will also Be Invited to the Dark Legion Reach halowaypoint company as its required for everyone, you will also need The Xbox 360 and Halo Reach to join And if you have others Friend looking to become legends tell them About us, Do you have what it takes to become a Legends or a Gods.