Dark Hole Games (DHG) are releasing our second free MAP PACK next week & more!

Dark Hole Games is back with another grand message! Our second MAP PACK: Deception is going to be released next week! So don’t miss out on the next three awesome maps to add to our installment! And for those of you who don’t know who Dark Hole Games is, I re-posted who we are below.

P.S. These are all done in Halo Reach Forge. =================================================================

Hey everyone I am the founder and creator of the website called Dark Hole Games (DHG for short). The website is for all gamers and you can interact with others on the site and be apart of the spotlight. It is also a fan based website for HALO. We make map packs for you all to download for free and also want to try to get the maps into the MatchMaking for Team Slayer, SWAT, and Rumble Pit.

We currently have one map pack out called “Condemned”. It consists of three slayer maps meant for 4v4 or 8v8 red vs blue. The map names are “Condemned” “Reactor” & “Stay Alive”. We currently just finished the second map pack, but are do some beta tests to make sure it runs right before it being released on August 1st, 2011. If you wish to download the current map pack go to darkjedix89 file share. That is my gamertag.

If you would like to know more about Dark Hole Games you can go to our main website at http://darkholegames.weebly.com

You can also follow us on Facebook by searching Dark Hole Games. Thank you for your time and support.

P.S. These are all done in Halo Reach Forge

Your friends
-Dark Hole Games

nice are you going to be a future company? Hmm I own the company Ninth Games ill definately take a look

Currently we are trying to get our name and site known; Giving our community free stuff such as the Maps for reach. If we get well known and can afford the products needed to make games then we’ll branch into the Indie games. Depending on the progress there, if we are ready to compete with the big leagues then we will try to become a developer company. I have game design, programming, level design, storyboarding, and UI (User Interface) experience and more.

The website program we use limits us to some things, but with what we have so far is better than most website building sites. I really appreciate you finding an interest into our site and name and current/future as a team.

Let us know what you think of the website
An feel free to spread news about our site.

Your friends

seems like were in the same shoes, were working on a few online computer flash games

Lol ya dude it does seem like we are. I have some flash indie games in document form, when I get some free time I work at the with my Adobe programs. What did you think of the maps / site? Tonight at midnight EST the second map pack will be released for all to download.

i have been very busy i promise to take a good look at the site tommorow kk also dude just pm for anything if you want i could tell you about our game we hope to devolpe that will change the fps/multiplayer genre forever in the way we tell stories through a multiplayer only based game.

http://ninthgames.enjin.com/home here is our site if u want to check it out man

Maps are on the file share. Gamertag: darkjedix89.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

So I downloaded the map pack just to see what all your hype was about, now I’m not meaning to sound rude when I critique your maps here, just bare with me and take a few notes.


The map is utterly gray, The coherence in object placement is awful, there are no collaborating pieces to make the map feel as though it was interesting. The overall design of the map reflects no originality as most of the map is building structures used in no unique way. There is literally no cover between the top bases and the bottom layer of the map feels more like mouse trap then Halo: Reach. There are a grand total of 16 spawns on the map, there are literally more initial spawns then there are respawn points. The weapon placements are terrible, everything feels as though it was just set here and there, grenades are on a 15 sec respawn. There are no safe zone, kill zone or any soft kill zones to keep players from breaking the map. The name does not even reflect the map

In my honest opinion, I would scratch the map and go for a different approach.


Pretty much everything I said about the previous map fits this one too, but this one feels too cluttered and items seem to be placed as random as before. This map is also to dark to see on, the special efx used renders some area total darkness.


Same issues as before.

I reccomend going to one of the sites listed in the great communites thread and learning from some of the pros out there on how to forge, because you seem to really want recognition for your maps and the best way to do that is forge great maps.

But first you gotta learn.

I also recommend a legit site, as opposed to a weebly site.

i appreciate your feedback. personally everyone that has played on with me or with their friends thought the maps were great and layed out very well. the downstairs on subside is great for swat and people using active camo. the bases are good for sniping and use of active camo. there are many ways in and out of the bases. for strong hold is it a covenant based map and we never found it cluttered. the juicy effect makes the colors pop out more and give a good deal of shadow. and hive is a good rumble pit and slayer map.

as for my site, i am using weebly because it offers what i need. im not going to pay a butt load of money for a site if no one can even go to the one i have and leave comments on there etc. the maps we make are for you all to enjoy and we appreciate your feedback on them. we dont plan to be professionals in making maps but we know our maps are a lot of fun and if they dont reach matchmaking thats fine. as long as our followers have something new to play on.

thank you for downloading the maps and giving us your feedback.
hope you enjoy map pack 3 when it comes out.
thank you again


also we dont expect everyone to like the maps. so its okay if we get hate mail about them and such. yes we would like them to reach matchmaking but if they dont its okay :slight_smile: because our main goal is to give everyone new maps to play on as i said before :slight_smile:

so everyone who is downloading the maps we thank you :slight_smile:
same goes for all of those who support us, follow us, give us fedback, etc.

everyone gets a say and we appreciate it very much :slight_smile:
so thanks again :slight_smile:

Well i’m not doggin on ya man, I’m just saying, it needs a lot of work.

I like to be blunt about somethings, and if you take this the wrong way then sorry, but all three of them lack just about everything that makes a matchmaking worthy map. Your best bet would be to read some of the forge lessons over at reachingperfection.com, or finding a more skilled forge veteran, which I recommend Jpeloquin218, WolfPackDragon, Hell even I would throw you some pointers if you need it.

i got nothingagainst your opinion dude. what are your suggestions to the map?

My main suggestion is not to advertise them as a free map pack. It just makes you look very unprofessional since nobody charges for forgeworld maps.

And I’m the guy that runs reachingperfection.com, the site AgentPaperCraft directed you to and I highly suggest checking it out as the guys there will help you improve your map to the fullest. I’ve taught many of them personally so I can vouch for their skills. Papercraft would definitely be someone to get some advice from since he has a map in matchmaking next to my three.

im not trying to be a professional. and there is a way of charging people but it requires some action to even get that to happen, but I don’t plan on even going that far. Free is better :). Now like i said before we just make them for people to play on something new whether or not it makes matchmaking.

It can be for friends to casually play on. I personally feel people have different likes and dislikes about maps which is fine, but with that said people have expectations and standards that they live on and if the maps don’t meet their qualifications then they burn the creator(s) or creation(s) until they get what they want.

That is what causes the debate and arguments between people. I’m glad you guys tell me the truth on what you feel and I may be reading your emotions wrong, but you make it seem like I’m some little kid who knows nothing, who cant make maps etc. But I don’t let it bother me because its your feedback and not everyone is going to like the maps, which is fine.

So I thank you for your feedback

and for all of those looking in this forum, my words to you is to give the maps a chance. Don’t always go by reviews because everyone is different. Those who gave feedback gave them a chance and didn’t find it to their liking, that’s fine; but you might be different.

thanks again for all the support.


I said nothing about the maps, just how you presented them to the public. Saying that you are releasing a “FREE MAP PACK” implies that you normally have to pay for Forgeworld maps. Saying your map pack is free gives the impression of you knowing nothing about the forging community meaning that people are probably not looking at it because of the ridiculousness of the title. I’m just suggesting that you stop advertising it as a free map pack so people will take you seriously.

Dude its cool, I got what you were saying and yeah I don’t know anything about the forging community so yes I am new to everything. In the future I wont put free in there. I didn’t really think about it when I was making the title. And the stuff about the maps didn’t apply to a specific person, its for everyone in general.

If you ever get a chance to look at the maps let me know what you think of them. Of course they would be novice to your maps since you started in Halo 3 and are apart of ForgeHub. I think my maps are a lot of fun :slight_smile:

I want to thank everyone for downloading my current maps. Just for that I wanna host a Community appreciation custom game battle on the maps and give you guys a sneak peak on my newest map. The day for the community battle will be on Sunday August 7, 2011 at 8:00pm EST. If you are interested then send me a private message titled “Support battle” or post if you can make it on here, or send me a message on my XBL gamertag: darkjedix89.

To prove you downloaded them, give me a quick summary of all the maps your downloaded. Not by themselves(ex: subside is a open map.) Just combined it all into one paragraph or more.

On Tuesday August 9, 2011 at 8:00pm I will be hosting the same thing (appreciation custom game), but anyone can join up. The only reason it is on two different days is because I want to give the Dark Hole Games community a chance against the creator of the maps, along with his beta testers. The DHG community also has a leading edge compared to those who don’t know the maps, so it gives those who didn’t download the maps a chance to and get to know the maps better.

If your going attend Sunday or Tuesday state which day here or in a private message, and make sure to leave your gamertag so I can send you an invite on whichever given day you wish to attend. If you do not wish or cannot attend please let me know.

Thanks again everyone, for your support :slight_smile: