Dark Hole Games (DHG) a Halo fan site / gaming community!

Hello, I am darkjedix89, the creator and founder of Dark Hole Games. Here we bring the gamer life out for everyone to see for those who think gaming is just a waste of time, money and life. We are here to not only prove those people wrong, but to give the DHG community something in return. If you are a Halo fan, love Team Slayer, SWAT, and Rumble pit then our one of many free gifts will grab your attention fast. The gift is maps we make for you to download, play with friends and family and then play against us on the “Dark Hole Games VS DHG Community”. We also have many more ways to interact with the DHG Community such as

-Gamer Den Week
-HALO Custom Map Weekend
-Awesome Weekly Dosage
-Youtube Video Game Talkshow

This site will not disappoint!
Now we don’t expect everyone to like DHG, our maps, or the site, so its okay!

Here is the official website! Enjoy and thanks for your time / support :slight_smile:

Official website: http://darkholegames.weebly.com/