Dark empire Team (recruitment)

Hello players of all halo community I’m DarklusterX 05 Leader of Spartan company : Dark Empire Team
i’m recruiting players who wants to grow this company and those who wants to claim Daily req packs
i’m also looking for those who are active in Halo 5 Arena/warzone/Forge maps ETC de list goes on
I leader of this company will not be active till middle or late 2018 due of carrier and traveling
I hope you guys would join me and please share with a friend if she or he is look for a easy company to enter
on my return I will be super active and select 1 o the best the become my admin to improve the company

Had to move a few of your topics to the correct areas now OP, in future please try and post your topics in the correct section. Each forum has a description that you can use to gauge where it should be posted. Thanks