Dangers of being over critical

Ah, yes, insult the people you are trying to reach. Masterful strategy.


A bit misleading title, as there isn’t really anything about dangers of over-critisism.

But anyways, I think you’re over-analyzing things a bit. People are rightfully critical about the game and there are lots of good points made with critisism. Suppressing critisism would be detrimental for the game because it would prevent finding and fixing actual flaws within the game. 343 themselves have encouraged fans to give feedback because it makes doing fixes and improvements quicker, as finding the flaws is easier and faster if people who play the game a lot point them out.

That being said, there’s plenty of unwarranted hate towards 343 and complaints that are not constructive. For example, a friend of mine showed me a screenshot of a long, hateful Reddit post where people over-analyze the line “one more match” the Spartan commander, who’s name I can’t remember, says after a BTB match. They call it something like psychological manipulation by 343. It’s just a ridiculous post overall.

The game is far from perfect. People should give constructive critisism so that we might at least get closer to that. I am enjoying the game a whole lot because the things that 343 have done right are honestly very well done. Which is why it’s such a shame that there are these technical difficulties and other flaws. Those things would never be fixed without our feedback (critisism, not hateful complaints).

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This is utter nonsense. Criticism is important or nothing get’s done. Just blindly casually ignoring the issues is not going to magically make the problems go away. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nobody is asking for perfection. No Halo game is perfect and should not be given immunity to critical feedback. Yeh some people may go to the extremes and say things are the worst…and they have the right to say that just like when I said Halo 5 was the worst in the series.

You said 343i will joke about people claiming it’s a failure and yet we’ve just lost nearly half the population on PC within 30 days. Anyone who would laugh that off would be doing a poor job at selling their game if they don’t respect the community. :roll_eyes:

I’ve stood by with Halo 4 and let it slide since it was their 1st game then I got annoyed with them again with Halo 5 and was furious at them for adding gambling into their game then Halo Infinite they decided to add gambling (challenges) again despite the complaints and a predatory BP store. When 343i insulted fans with the REQ video and lied about the progression system…you can’t expect people to just be ok with how 343i are handling the IP. :thinking:

Seriously how can you expect people to be ok with this nonsense if they keep doing the same mistakes? You come off as patronising then act like your sorry then continue to be patronising about it. If you like the game that’s fine but it doesn’t give you the right to belittle the community just because you can’t handle criticism. :-1:


That’s your opinion. There are a lot of valid criticisms and 343 is taking notes. The gaming industry is tough, but that doesn’t excuse a lot of the things that happened with the release. It is an ongoing game, sure, but we have standards and not all of those standards have been met with the release. We are worried about the direction and decisions made and so we voice our opinions, same as you voice yours.

I love the Halo franchise, but I am not letting it cloud my vision of Infinite.


Honestly I was going to break down OP’s post to reply to individual points but its just a rant about people not liking the game using a bunch of buzzwords.

Instead I’ll just say, the easiest way to see Infinite’s failure is to compare to to the past. The old halo games came out in shorter time spans, with more features, and were more or less complete at launch outside some maps and play list tweaks. They were great immediately. Its why people still value halo spoilers so keenly al these years later. They weren’t perfect games, but they certainly had less flaws.

Comparing to the recent bumbles of other AAA games doesn’t make Infinite look good, its just something slightly better than the garbage we are told to buy these days. The AAA has gotten precisely to where it is because criticisms are ignored. We shouldn’t be just accepting this and going “oh well, thats how games are these days”.


The first sentence of your post is reason enough to be critical.


It like when I walked out the new spiderman movie and the first thing these guys behind me had to say was THAT ENDING SUCKED i just cant imagine wasting 3hrs of your life and complaining about it very great point thank you for the response Mr Magnum, Have a blessed day
I have plenty of both thank you!

Dr Halsey never had any problem insulting those she was trying to help

Struck a nerve enough to get you to respond didnt i?
So I think I did reached you

Well I am well within my rights to do what I please, I can be vulgar, expressive whatever the hell I want to be. If you are truly not hypocritical at all than good for you, thats to stressful for me to keep up 100% Id rather just say what I have to say and come to conclusion on my own but I vaule you criticism and it will help me reach my own conclusion. At the end of the day people are behind this game, good people who want to answer all of the questions we have. Nothings 100% certain, neither am I. The value of the game is completey dependedant on the user. Its free you dont have to spend money, you dont have to do anything, you can uninstall the game if youd like thats your choice, I see many saying that I dont have friends or regardless its just simply true I cant seem to wrap my head around if my OP was about being critical why so many have to focus on that part of my post. As they are right it has nothing to with the game yet so many people in this thread have tended to comment on it. I really just through my thoughts out there to see what people would have to say and yet people want to use some sort of comic relief targeting my friendship part of the post. My only question is why?

Voicing one’s negative opinions of the game is all fine and dandy until it becomes a daily preach and choir. We all know what the game has to work on, it’s time to move on and focus on what good the game has brought. It’s crazy to me, someone can pick up this game, hate everything about it and ask 343 to change the entire game rather than pack up and find another franchise. That’s entitlement if i’ve ever seen it. “This isn’t my idea of a Halo game so i’m gonna ruin everyone else’s fun”. Then we have the sheep who follow blindly.

Just play the game. If you don’t like something or have feedback, share it and move on with your life. If you don’t like the game don’t play it. It’s like people feel their obligated to fight against the company, join the war effort against spending money…ridiculous.

Then there are others who understand this game and it’s nature. It’s a long-term platform for the future. Great things take time, large changes take time, testing and money. Practice patience, people, and learn to actually enjoy your life.

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I agree with most of these points. Asking for nerfs and to change things will turn the gameplay worse like it did Halo 5 (albeit there were many other issues) I just hope the devs just focus on buffing all the weapons back like how fun they were in the technical preview.