Dangers of being over critical

Let me preface this fourm post with saying Halo Infnite is not at all a complete game yet…

Halo Infinite is undoubtely the greatest realse of a game in the last 3 years compared to Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, ETC this game is offering something never done before inside of FPS. It is a PLATFORM. You may find something unbearable now and hastly, label it to be the worst game of all time but this steadfest conculsion many I see reaching is too fast. This is the bi-product of instant gratification to many of you expect perfection on the first or even second try and then Cry to yourself when you don’t reach it. I see forum post like this is the worst campaign of all time but the story is incredibly clever. ECHO may be a dowener but he is quite litterally an echo of our reality someone who finds it hard to reach for the stars after being torn down time and time again. This game is a masterpeice based around the theme GREAT THINGS TAKE TIME. This is 343 mission statement and by the end of the cycle of this game we will come back and laugh at those who predicted its failure. My advice get away from those people who fail once and then never try again because those are the people complaining about this game. This game is combat evolved DONE RIGHT IT WILL TAKE TIME but since we LOVE comparisons in todays media compare this game to Call Of Duty Vanguard. I tell you what, I played Vanguard once on the blitz mode and the shotguns became mindless. Those who hate this game are mindless animals who expect to be great the first time they enter something. If you disagree, Disagree but just remember in your defense I do not answer to you, so If i find your rebutale wrong accept it and move on. I do not have time for your slander, defecation of the mouth nonsense. In reality this game has made me find out who I want to be friends with in life, there is nothing more exillerating than coming back in odd ball or stronghold. Like my best friend described it the multiplayer feels like a rising action climax and falling action every game. This game realies on teamwork and less of indiviual play. The funny thing is however, the more you rely on your team and your friends the more of an indiviual you become. Sorry to people who contiunue to quote the latest media, or trend thinking your some genius in your respect but your not. This message is to the sheep who wear the skin of the wolf, your still a sheep.


Masterpiece in what regard exactly? The campaign while probably the high point of the overall game to me is still fairly bare bones and uninspired narratively. The sandbox has potential but is also severely limited in comparison to previous titles. Combine that with the lack of a feature that has been synonymous with Halo since the beginning, cooperative play, and it’s no wonder many aren’t impressed.

The multiplayer is another mess entirely for a multitude of reasons. No stats page or legitimate progression system, no anti cheat system, poor optimization/net code/stability, a gutted customization system for the sole purpose of monetization. The list goes on, and I’ve omitted all of the personal issues I have with the games MP because I’m trying to stay objective.

You call Infinite a “platform” trying to do something never done before in FPS and I legitimately have no idea what you’re on about with that. “Great things take time”, you’re right. The previous Halo titles all took time, but when they launched they ALL featured a more complete product than what was delivered in this new incarnation.

“This game has made me find out who I want to be friends with in life”… good for you I suppose? But I’d say if it took a game like Infinite to do that for you I can’t help but find that odd. I’m glad you and your friends have been enjoying it, buy myself and my friends I grew up playing Halo with think it’s a joke truthfully.

The criticism is warranted. It’s necessary to hold companies accountable. If you enjoy it great, but the people who don’t aren’t as small of a minority as you may think.


The danger of being overly critical is in how it can indulge and incite people into behaving in ugly ways like targetting and harassing particular devs and community-facing 343 employees. That’s a real danger, too, as we saw especially on r/Halo a few weeks back.

There are clearly some folks who just look at everything through hate goggles and put blinders on about what is positive. That’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing to be done about it except to speak up with what you personally want to call out and appreciate and to condemn others when they go over the line as mentioned above.

But just to maintain conversation and criticism over elements of Infinite that aren’t working for a lot of players right now doesn’t fall into that gross level, IMO. You’re right to point out that this game is a platform and will grow and hopefully improve over time, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t legitimate things to point at as imperfect or even bad as they exist today. Call it how you see it regarding the pros and cons for Infinite and don’t worry about others who make - Yoinks! - of themselves.


Paragraphs are so 2007


Reading comprehension not a big strength for you Bluejay?


Hell yeah baby great year

Pointing out the legitmancy is great over indulging in it can ruin any video game amazing response brother!

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I see what your saying but for new player this game is a great gateway into exploring other titles while the work out the kinks, You make think its a joke of a game and that you may, There are problems no doubt but im sure the company is not just sitting by thinking this game is perfect. This game will be a masterclass and will set the industry standard Im sure of it, but at the same time there is no such thing as 100% certaininy the game may flop but given time it will be great. Not to mention that the programmers may not even have much as a say as they want because the board of the directors are the ones leading the choices and they there choices are no doubt money based. It will be a constant battle but so is life and nothings perfect. I appreciate your response and you bring up valid points but as for what I mean by platform I mean it is something to build upon. They plan to make Halo Infinite the prime halo game for the next 10 years meaning theyll include DLC for the campaign and multiplayer free of charge? I have not a clue. It wasn’t just the game but OBJ modes that you can comeback in show the people that fight through the crap thrown at them and still have a blast. Everythings a choice same with having fun you either choose to have it or choose to suck it away. Of course a free to play game is going to monetazation based it could be better no doubt BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY THEM you dont! Gameplay wise this game is addicting as hell, Coming back in a strong hold match feels like a movie you and your friends get to experience! I understand what you are saying but the game has potential in its own respect. Compared to other shooters realsed this game blows me away! Its truly matter of prespective though and what you choose to see and not see. You say uninspiring campaign but I find that unfamthomable when the them of the campaign is overcoming our past and working towards a better future. You my friend I think are stuck in the past refusing to leave it. Im sorry I appreciate your response

I personally remember when Reach came out and everyone hated it since it wasn’t Halo 3…Fast forward to now and everybody loves Reach and looks back on it with glorious nostalgia. Always found that pretty funny. Of course constructive criticism is great and helps move the game forward and make it better, but there are always some who will just complain to complain.

Is this your first Halo?

I won’t comment on everything, there’s too much lol, but in regards to the campaign it’s a bit of a narrative mess when you strip the rose tinted glasses away. Granted Halo games usually aren’t absolutely mind blowing for their stories, but even so this leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Far as living in the past goes, Halo has been a part of my life since 2005 when I started on 2. Ultimately if Infinite does well or continues to faltwr it’s mostly inconsequential for me, I play a pretty wide variety of stuff these days and Halo hasn’t really been Halo to me in around 10 years now honestly. That said, H3 will always be one of my favorite games and it does sadden me a bit to see that kind of high reduced to the kind of lows H5 and Infinite gave myself and friends.

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For sure, although Reach and Infinite have something in common for me anyway. Although I honestly still don’t like Reach’s MP I think the gamelplay changes they introduced do wonders for selling the tone they wanted in the Campaign. Infinite is similar to me in that respect where I really don’t like the movement or gunplay in a PvP setting, but actually gained some enjoyment from them in a PvE setting. Even if I think Infinite’s campaign comes up short of the potential there, it’s still the high point of the game for me.

Exactly so they shouldn’t of released it. That’s the thing with game Industries they keep releasing games not finished. HUGE red flag releasing a HALO game with out co-op, multiplayer playlists, and a base ranking system. Those are legit the qualities that make Halo. So what was the point in releasing the game? It just pissed people off. Then they have the nerve to try and dig money out of us for the armor that should be unlocked in the campaign, achievements, or what ever else. I would even take Halo 5s system when it came to unlocking armor.


Not a complete game, but they sure as hell were happy to charge you that complete game price weren’t they? Whether that be the campaign or just a bit out of the store. Lol


I feel like the biggest issue with this game is that it isnt a complete game. Dont you want companies to be releasing completed games? It seems that the main reason this game was released when it was, is so that it could meet holiday sales and compete with the likes of COD and battlefield. So thats what this game comes down to. No matter how good the story is (it was ok, considering what the mess they had to clean up from Halo 5), it was released alongside a blatant cash grab, and it shows just how 343 perceives its fanbase: as a source of revenue, not passionate Halo fans.


There always is though it’s worse these days as some folks thst do thst tend to be like “if you don’t agree with me your the problem get canceled” it’s like the idea of opinions is forgotten by today like completely to
Most folks of today it’s either my side or their side and no in between

Well, knowing it’s actually rare that players actually “hate the game” knowing most that express their anger, it’s most likely them being really disappointed in the direction the game has gone. I find this comment you made an exaggeration and it shows you as a person after reading your entire post do not have an open mind.

No one expects 343 or any company to get everything right the first time, but also they shouldn’t have to expect a company that spent years expressing their passion about the game to literally go the complete opposite either, and that is actually what took place. Everyone has their own option about the game the thing is people need to realize what works for one person will never apply to everyone in spite of who likes everything about the game and who doesn’t.

Your post came off more as if you were just being vulgar…

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Greatest, for the wrong reasons. The real dangers is supporting this instead of critiquing the game for it being incomplete, unoptimized and predatory microtransaction centric. Not just say “oh ! Greatest game”. IMHO its Greatest pile of s***"


Dude there’s nothing wrong with critiquing it for these issues but your kinda going over the edge into a place that’s what op explains is not where we want to be with critiquing

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That is odd and now I’m interested in wanting to know how old the OP actually is and how long they have lived in the virtual world. I found friends in the actual world to where that connection is actually needed.


And this is the entire problem with the modern gaming industry.
People have a right to be angry, within reason.