Damn, is swat stuck with all the variants now?

I didnt mind them when i thought they was a little gimmick for the event, however having them base forever is depressing especially without map/game mode voting.

I just wanted to play normal swat


When I look in the gamemode list of SWAT (Tactical Slayer), I can see all those non BR modes too.

Let’s hope that wouldn’t be permanent.


Yet Team Slayer still doesnt have Slayer BRs in it. 343 needs to hire at least one employee who has played a halo game and these things wont happen


Yup. The decisions being made at 343 are head scratching.

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I mostly play swat. I didn’t find the variant that cool during the event, but when it stayed after the event is over I was doubly annoyed. The only one added that makes a bit of sense is the pistol. The others make no sense at all.


Ya know what would solve that issue?
A match composer


I don’t why the morons at 343 felt the need to change things up when it’s been good for 20 yoinkin’ years!! It’s very frustrating getting the stupid mangler, stupid Stalker, stupid and totally worthless commando rifle. I don’t mind the pistols every 10th game or less as we’ve dealt with those but these non-swat guns NEED TO GO!!!


It’s hilarious how you get Mangler SWAT so much more when the Event is over than when you needed the Mangler the most, all you got was Sidekicks. 343 really loves torturing us.


Seems like a -Yoink!- if you do, -Yoink!- if you don’t situation to me. Had they removed the variants, I guarantee there would be complaints that no one could play them anymore. Adding a separate playlist probably wouldn’t have hurt, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.