Damn 343, Back at it again with the Fails

I’m growing tired of playing halo 5 when the only weapons I can use in warzone are the standard assault rifle and my french fry pistol. It won’t let me use any reqs, yet everyone else can.

One more reason as to why 343 sucks

it always happens to me, and i end up scavenging the field. But I have figured out one thing, if it happens once, after the multiplayer game is over, exit the entire game, reload it, check reqs to see if it loads, then enter warzone, see if the req points are listed at the top of the screen, if it shows up, then you should be able to access the req center during the game.

Exiting and reloading does work indeed, happened to me once. Still came out on top, because if you rely on REQs you suck :wink: But it’s not just a simple problem, don’t be so aggressive about it towards 343i.

There were some issues with Xbox Live that started a few hours ago, still a status alert out at the moment so it’s likely there are still problems