Damage not calculating correctly?

I did a few tests in customs today to try to determine how much damage different weapons deal, and I found a few things that are incredibly confusing to me:

  1. Melee kills from behind (one hit beatdown) deal no damage, as far as the Damage Dealt stat is concerned.
  2. Headshots with the sniper rifle deal no damage (body shots deal 80)
  3. Grenade hits and kills deal no damage.
  4. *ADDED: 4 magnum shots to a full-shield spartan does not register as damage. It seems that Damage Dealt only reflects damage that bleeds through shields (health damage).

I’m going to keep testing different combinations of weapons, but this seems messed up and makes me think that the damage dealt stat is misleading, or at least incomplete. I can’t verify for certain that these issues carry over into Arena, as it’s considerably harder to test in that environment without quitting games over and over. But I’m curious if this is a bug or if 343i intentionally left some things out of the damage stat. If it’s a bug, I’d love to see it fixed to more accurately reflect a player’s contribution to the game. And while we’re at it, let’s have a damage received stat!


Theres a lot of rubbish going on atm. I have also had sniper headshots not count if accutate and unliading an entire clip of ar bullets on a one shot dude only for thr game to give him the kill with one shot. I guess the servers are playing up. And spawning in those fire grenades too sucks.