Daily's gone (again)

Looks like shop daily’s are gone, again, for no reason at all. Another L moment for infinite. Going back to the ol’ drip feeding method I see.

I wish they would just make everything available all the time. They are hurting their sales IMO. FOMO may gain you a little, but availability is always better for total sales.

Honestly, the shop definitely needs an update because this problem will only be amplified as the game goes onward.

For example, the HAZOP bundle.
Only been in the shop for one week.
Never been seen since.
What are the chances that it rotates in the shop again?
Very low since when it comes to armor bundles alone we have -

  • Mark VII Gen-3
  • Mark V [B] Gen-1
  • Rakshasa Gen-3
  • Yoroi
  • Eaglestrike

And starting Season 3 the list of armor cores will be -

  • Mark VII G3
  • Mark V [B] G1
  • Rakshasa G3
  • SPI G1 or Mirage G3
  • Yoroi
  • Eaglestrike
  • S3 Fracture Core

So the addition of two new armor cores will see two more categories of bundles arrive in the shop rotation.
AAAAAAAND there will also be guaranteed new item bundles for the Mark VII armor core.
AAAAAAAND possibly new item bundles for Mark V [B] and Rakshasa.
AAAAAAAND we are still excluding all the weapon bundles, vehicle bundles, playercard bundles, A.I. bundles, and other such bundles WHILE also most likely adding cosmetic items for the Bandit Rifle.

If 343 doesn’t do anything to improve the shop, they will be left with stagnant returns and a further annoyed fanbase.
Because, once again, what is the chance of the HAZOP bundle being back in rotation when the game keeps adding items to the roster?

The shop needs to improve and categorize its bundles.
Give us a shop with divided tabs to for what specific items you want to shop for and then further add in sub-tabs for bundles that offer in specific areas.

    • *features Credit purchase options, challenge swaps, exp boosters, new bundles, and bundles on discount for the week
    • *subtabs for each Armor Core category
    • *subtabs for each Vehicle category
    • *subtabs for each Weapon category
    • *this is where personalization bundles go. Nameplates, icons, mythic effects, armor effects, kill effects, etc.
    • *missed out on a non-Fractures event? All items from the 10-tier event pass are available for purchase, with a 10% discount applied for each item you already have in the bundle. Basically the event offers these bundles for free during their duration, but when the event is not live you can buy the bundles.
    • *subtabs for each HCS team and item bundle

You get the idea.

All items, available at all times.
New sub-tabs added in for when new Armor Cores, Vehicles, Weapons, Personalizations, and HCS Teams drop in.


I used to think it was just a poorly made “bot” running the shop automatically and thats why the items cycling well was not happening, but seeing daily’s disappear again and how the shop items move from week to week, I’m now thinking its humans doing it and thats probably worse.