Daily XP limit

Is anyone aware if the online daily XP limit carries over to the next day? So if I get more than I’m allowed, it just adds on all the rest of that XP to tomorrow’s limit?

Doubtful, the cap is there to prevent boosting and such, so once you hit the cap, you no longer gain xp at all.

that sucks man honestly it makes playing not fun i didnt boost just have alot of double xp and drna alot of mountain dew and i cant even rank up to where i want to i mean i gained like 9 grand in xp in spartan ops so i was like a 24 in no time.

If its true about not carrying over I am going to be mad, this suck I hit the cap in about 6hours legit! so let screw over the people who play legit nice!

So It’s after midnight in my timezone and I still have the online limit. This is pretty frustrating.

I’m curious as well. I hit the cap fairly quickly and now I feel like I’ve been duped into buying products partly for the double xp, and now I’m stuck here playing without getting any xp at all? I’m loving Halo 4 but this is really BS. I’m sure everyone here just wants to get the hell past lvl 50 and onto the specializations and if we want to waste all day playing and ranking up why hell shouldn’t we be able to?

343 thanks for the awesome game, but please take the xp cap off and stop punishing me for playing your game!