Daily / Weekly Challenges

In Reach, checking out the new daily / weekly challenges and often times struggling to meet them was half the fun of it, and encouraged trying new things and strategies I might never have otherwise (for instance, I hardly used the AR until the challenge to get X kills appeared, then I learned I wasn’t atrocious with it after all)

Whilst on one hand this would get a great way to earn some XP or RP, I suspect the MLG direction they’re going for with Halo 5, and the ranked playlists might contradict the whole ‘have some fun and try something different next game’ that the ‘challenges’ fostered.

But hey, if I need to try and get 10-15 pistol headshots in a match (a challenge for me :P) for a couple of thousand RP, I’ll gladly switch to Swat for a while.

Variety is the spice of life :slight_smile:

I had the same thought a couple days ago. It would be great in Warzone, but I think you can’t get a variety of challenges into the game, because of the REQ System. It would’nt be fair, when you have to kill 50 people with a SAW, but you don’t own the Certification or you just don’t have any more cards to spend, for instance.
To consider Arena, I think it’s like you said, that the Season/League System would become broken, because of tryhards who want to get Pistol kills and lose the game because of that.
Though I would love to see daily/weekly challenges in H5 or at least more Commendition levels.

It was a Bungie concept so it will never come back…

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> It was a Bungie concept so it will never come back…

So was master chief & the BR.