Daily/Weekly Challenge Idea

In the daily challenges, there should be a certain section of challenges that involve playing past Halo games. It should just be simple stuff like ‘Play 4 Multiplayer Matches In Halo:Reach’ or ‘Win 3 Multiplayer Matches of Halo 3’. This would make Halo 4 more attractive to the hardcore fans, like a lot of us forum users, and would also make people want to get Halo 4 more because they might prefer the other Halo games. It would also just be a really cool experience to play one game to earn xp for another! Maybe it should be in halo 5 or a Halo 4 update since the game is done already.
What do you think?

I never cared for challenges in Reach, and maybe nameplates or similar if you’ve played older Halo games.

Commendations (For multiplayer only) were good, though they shouldn’t reward you with exp since that encouraged just holding the objective and killing on objective games.
Maybe it’d be better if they’d let go of those too.

I don’t think that is a good idea.

  1. Halo 3 and Reach will have lower populations (maybe not so much of a point)
  2. It would just take the idea of playing Halo 4 away.

playing 4 matches in Reach and winning 3 matches in Halo3 WOULD NOT make Halo 4 more attractive for anyone… it is a horrible idea.