Daily Post limit. PLEASE HELP

Why do I have a 2-post/reply limit daily? I have 7 more posts until I rank up, and doing 2 posts a day is really annoying. So far I have done 18 legit posts/replies on this rank and I still have this limit? Everything I have read is that due to the amount of spam they are putting a post limit on new accounts, and posting a bit should take it off. Well I have both posted as much as I can (actual posts, not just spam) and have been posting for about a month. When I was Recruit-iron It would tell me that I had a 0 post limit, which made it very hard to rank up. Help?

Posting in the wrong section of the forums is not going to help your case! This thread will get locked me thinks…

I didn’t even know this was a thing… Uh… Just post your limit every day, and wait through the grind to rank up I guess. That’s about all you can do homie

The amount of posts that recruits can make has been cut down due to the fact that some people make accounts here to post nothing but spam. Not saying that you’re a spammer, but it gets annoying for us and the monitors when a forum section is filled with topics in another language we can’t understand.

Its because of the spammers. You shouldve seen the halo wars 2 forums lol

We have an active thread here dicussing the post limit so it’s probably best we stick to the one topic. The replies that Snickerdoodles and myself made in there will explian the reasoning behind the limit in more detail, but the TL;DR is massive amounts of spam from spam accounts.