Daily missions for REQ (New Idea) PVE is back!

So, this isn’t Diablo 3, Destiny, WoW, etc. So keep in mind that this doesn’t affect current options like arena / Warzone at all. 100% separate way to get ‘more campaign while progressing feeling’ after beating the campaign.

I think there should be a zone to load into on a daily basis. Somewhat like the zones on the game already (the ones with no fighting) only a little more alive. Take a few more of the main characters in the Halo universe. I don’t want to give any any spoilers from the Halo books… But there are many options on top of Palmer, Halsey, Laskey & the Arbiter.

Anyway, have about 10 ‘quest givers’ in the town. Then have grunts, ODSTs, marines, elites, jackles, etc just doing there thing. Maybe a couple goofy mini games but nothing crazy in town. We don’t want this to become grindy like Destiny.

Each day, one of the ten quest givers will have a 2 quests. These can be things like killing a named mob, down 20 elites, whatever. There can be Spartan Ops like mini missions to go through, maybe 15 minutes each or so, to get to the boss. Down the boss and then go turn in the quest (the game will take you right back to town, no orbit bs, haha).

If you did it on easy, it’s 1,000 REQ, normal 2,000, heroic 3,000 and legendary 4,000. You can do them with friends and use any of your REQ gear / weapons. This gives an option for a casual way to make a little REQ. Also a change to unlock a random REQ card when you complete both quests that day.

What do you guys think? If you like the idea, but think it needs some tweaking, please share.

This just sounds too far from Halo for me. I would be down with something like the daily/weekly challenges in Halo 4 or Reach (?) but instead of xp rewards you got RP or REQ packs. Any way to get more REQ packs is good for me! But this is just a bit too far off in my mind.