Daily Match Making challenges suggestion

As more and more people rank up, perhaps 343 could restructure their daily challenges.

  1. Add more challenges. Why not have 5, 6 or even 8 to enjoy?
  2. Add challenges specifically for higher ranked players. Eg., Field Marshall or Hero or higher specific challenges.
  3. Definitely increase the credit payout. As you use up all your commendations, acquiring new ranks will take a lifetime. :slight_smile:

The other thought I have, is after Halo Reach is out for awhile, I picture next Christmas. A nooby, logs into Halo REach the first time, all shiny and new in his first MM match on Gold, and KAPOW! Could be very discouraging. It’s too bad you can’t walk through maps, to get a feel for them, or have a firefight type fight, with 4 or 8 AI’s instead of a full on MM fight.

My 2 cents for the day.


Yes and bonus credits when you complete all the daily challenges