Daily Credit cap removal Petition

Halo 4 is less than 6 months away & there isn’t much time for many people to finish off there ranks in Reach with this current daily credit cap. Now I know 200,000 cr is a nice cap but with the creation of custom challenges its very easy to hit within a few hours.

My solution is to remove the credit cap all together, so thats why I’m starting a petition to remove the daily credit cap. It gives lower rank people a chance to finish off there ranks & complete there armor (haunted helmet) before Halo 4 is released.

If you agree with me then help make this thread stand out to 343 & if you don’t I won’t hold it against you. Have a nice day & I’ll see you in MM…

Do you know there is a thing called the sun?

On a serious note 200k is fine as is, if.you’re constantly hitting it try not using custom challenges.

Just to say, there are to my knowledge either 197 or 198 days until Halo 4 comes out, hitting 200k cR a day until then from Recruit will leave you with 400k cR until Inheritor on Nov 6th, meaning the cap is perfectly fine as it stands.

Also, petitions are against the rules.

If you would like to have a discussion about the credit cap, feel free to do so (and I suggest the Reach section of the boards) but unfortunately, petitions are against the rules.

Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile: