Daily credit cap ? really?

Dear 343,

Please take the daily cap off. Its no longer fun to play multiplayer with friends cause i cant level up!!!

The credit cap isn’t going anywhere, although, 343i are keeping a close eye on players who are capping often and are tweaking it as they see fit.

It has already been tweaked once.

So i bought the game and on top of that i buy the halo 4 Xbox console and a crap load of mt dew for double xp just so i can be limited to level up? Sounds like refund is in store for the xbox console

Why not limit your gameplay?

I work five days a week and only play on weekends with friends so i dont think limiting myself would have anything to do it!

I live in Europe and have been capped at 70 for 5 or so days, and with the games I’ve played the last week I probably would’ve around 100 now. I’m having a blast playing with my friends nevertheless. Not getting xp doesn’t affect your gameplay at all, with the tiny exception that you’ll get a perk you might not ever use a tiny bit later than you otherwise would’ve.

In my opinion the daily cap is useless. It punishes people that play often and seems like a cheap way to elongates the games current exp systems life.