Daily challenges

Do all the challenges need to be full-filled to get any kind of credit, or just each one as you check them off?

You get credit for the challenges as you complete them.

Thank you, sir.

> You get credit for the challenges as you complete them.

No problem. FYI, if you see the linked up with bungie challenge you might not see it add up in the final tally but you should still get it. It adds it up before the game even starts. You can test if you haven’t gotten it already by looking at your total credits before you start your first match then after it says challenge completed. Your credits should increase by the challenge amount.

Doing challenges are in general a reward for a little extra thing, most challenges arnt out right somthing you directly have to do like kill a golden elite.

Some are worth the time and effort like credits for completion 5 games of mm for 1750, while others arnt like legendary on missions with certain skulls on for 5000. Truely it is up to you, I generally like to say I do 95% of the challenges however if there is a really dumb one like play 15 games, that is a large amount of time. say each game lasts 10 min, 10 x 15 = 150 min, that is about 3 hrs or so just for about 2000?!

So really its all about weight, what do you do what do you like to do, etc.