daily challenges needs a change

I hate having to do firefight challenges its the worst i think that it should give you the option if you want firefight, matchmaking, of a mix. And for the weekly i would say you pick firefight or matchmaking.

Have you tried making your own?

I have no issues with having “Firefight Thursday” and “Matchmaking Friday” as standard Daily Challenges on those days.

I have no issues with having the Weekly Challenge rotate between Campaign, Firefight, and Matchmaking.

What I do have issues with is the consistency of payouts for the Daily Challenges.

100 kills in any gametype = 3,000 cR ( Light Fare )
150 kills in Firefight Matchmaking = 2,250 cR ( One Spartan Army )
125 kills in FFMM on Glacier = 1,100 cR ( Heroic Spelunking )

Those are just a few examples from FFMM - in MM, the wins versus games played cR payout is also broken.

yeah that is messed up and yeah i make my own but it is still not the same with the hours and stuff and sorry i forgot to mention campain :stuck_out_tongue:

They need to create new challenges and mix them up. They could probably have challenges like, “Get x kills with Plasma Pistol - Campaign”, or “Finish Campaign/Firefight with a Covenant weapon as your ToD”. Experiment a little and add some variety.