Daily Challenges for Matchmaking ONLY

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand when all the daily challenges for Reach are Firefight challenges. It really gives me less incentive to play, sad I know.

What I hope for Halo 4 is that we get a set of daily challenges for Matchmaking ONLY, as well as some daily challenges for Spartan Ops, if that is considered Firefight’s replacement. I just want them to be separate.

What about Daily Challenges for Campaign?

well spartan ops is a weekly type thing, so maybe a weekly type challenge, but who even knows how spartan points even work.

Maybe there wont be any challenges, although I like just having things to complete like challenges and commendations…

but maybe a little more rewarding this time…possibly even emblem unlocks or whatever

> What about Daily Challenges for Campaign?

Having daily challenges for Campaign is kind of silly, in my opinion. It’d be nice if there was a weekly challenge for Matchmaking, Campaign, and Spartan Ops. Depending on how Spartan Ops work.