Daily Challenges are getting repetitive

Challenges lately have been on the recycled side. Therefore I suggest coming up with your own challenges to give 343 ideas, should they decide to read this. Please make them realistic and don’t post the first thing that comes to mind.

The Show goes on: Assassinate the same player twice in a single Multiplayer game.

Excaliburn: Get 5 Sword Assassinations in any game mode.

Steal from the rich: Yoink five assassinations in Firefight Matchmaking. (this one may cause some arguments. Blame Bungie for including the Yoink medal).

Spleen Shooting: Get five Pull medals today.

Major Migraine: Get a Headcase medal from the same player twice.

Justice best served hot: Get a revenge medal in less than 30 seconds.

Brawler: Finish a Firefight matchmaking game without any weapon or grenade kills.

Knife in the Dark: Assassinate a cloaked enemy in any game mode.

Plan B: Beat “Nightfall” without using a Precision Weapon.

Unfriendly skies: Kill five players inside Banshees in Multiplayer Matchmaking.

Sharp Eyes: Never miss with the sniper rifle in a game, having fired at least 8 shots.

Aluminum Falcon: Destroy an enemy-occupied Falcon in less than 30 seconds.

Millenium Falcon: Get a Road Rage medal or a Running Riot while onboard a Falcon in any game mode.

Fear my sting: Get a Running Riot while operating a Scorpion in any game mode.

Spartan beats Wraith: Kill ten Wraiths in any game mode.

Playing Doctor: Have three teammates inside your bubble shield at once.

I AM the Support: Destroy both Wraiths on “Sword Base” without using the Target Locater.

That’s Mr. Lieutenant to you!: Get an Invincible Medal on any campaign mission on Heroic or Legendary.

I’ll post more as I think of them. If you have ideas (reasonable ones), post them here!

343i confirmed there putting their own weekly challenge on next week, I think it’s safe to assume that they will be adding their own new Daily’s as well.

About time!