Daily Challenge XP Limit Is A Joke

If you look up my YouTube channel “Michaelpwnz” with the Xbox 360 Era profile picture you’ll find a video expressing this issue.

I completed my Ultimate Weekly Fiesta challenge and earned my 400XP… but there was a little problem. I was missing 50XP from my Daily Challenge for completing a match. I played two more matches and still no Daily Challenge XP… so I restart Halo Infinite on Steam and play another match, and still no Daily Challenge XP. I go to my challenge tab to see if there’s a problem and sure enough there was a check mark next to my Daily Challenge, I suppose to signify that I grinded all the XP 343i is gonna allow me. Trust me it took many matches to reach the limit, but if 343i is going to make me grind for half of the Halo Reach armor that I already have in MCC, maybe adding a limit to the amount of times you can compete the SINGLE Daily Challenge (worth at max 10% of a battle pass tier) isn’t very considerate to your players. Please 343i stop this predatory marketing scheme. You guys absolutely perfected progression in the Master Chief Collection, and I get it “hAlO iNfInItE iS fReE tO pLaY” but nobody asked for that. Fans and newcomers alike can agree in droves that we would’ve rather payed $60 for the full game with Multiplayer and a fair progression system instead of $10 for colors. Take advantage of the fact that the Multiplayer is in early access. “There is still time to stop the key from turning.”


Might be a glitch or the XP cap might be higher than 10% because I was able to progress 17% in one day.
With double XP I went from 57 to 74 after reset.
I was still gaining XP after that.
Currently at 76.
If there is a XP cap I am not a fan as they were a mistake starting with Reach.

Having armor in other games does not mean much in new games. We all had to unlock old armor with each halo game. You know what I mean? We had to unlock Mark V in 3 when we had it in Halo: CE. Same ODST and Mark VI in Reach even though we had them in Halo 2 and 3. The same repeated in 4 and then 5. I just don’t see that as a good argument. Otherwise good post.

I’m speaking about Mark V armor exclusively right now, as we are talking about Halo Infinite. Not previous titles with nowhere near the same amount of armor you need to re-earn. My point was that Halo Reach was just added to MCC not even a year ago with a really great progression system right out the gate, no money required, yet they can’t do the same thing (with half the armour) in the same year and not have the other missing half of armor locked behind a paywall in the store soon? Is that too much to ask? After all this is a F2P game but still… what excuse is there? None. I can’t even wear MK. V with MK. VII… but eff it, let’s add Halo 4 and 5 armor in Halo 3 and offer WAAAAAY more customization options than Infinife.

You did not specify the Armor you wanted to unlock before, but I agree that classic armor that you can’t earn outside of the shop is lame and I wish we had those as weekly rewards instead of visor colors and shaders. I was only saying that unlocking old armor is nothing new, I am not however going to defend the method of unlocking old armor in this game. The fact that we can’t use armor pieces, visors and colors outside of the cores they are assigned is maximum suckage too considering the dang bots have the god like power to mix and match as they want to. I’ve heard people saying that this is so no clipping happens, but who cares? We’ve had clipping armor in every Halo game so far and nobody gave a hoot back then either.

Overall this topic is about XP caps so lets keep to that, cause the armor topic is discussed all over already.