Daily Challenge needs another

Current Play any match is fine and all however I believe we need another along side it being Win any PVP match that is also 50xp, this would give players an incentive to win matches people who loose get 50xp and people who win 100xp I believe this is a nice middle ground for everyone and should be put into the game as it is right now.

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I’ve already encountered people going AFK to farm XP.

Progression needs a total rework at this point. ⚆_⚆

I feel like this would be nice, I’d definitely feel better about the grind to get an extra bonus for winning.
Right now, grinding for challenges with the passive “play a match bonus” feels a bit painful when I don’t make any progress on challenges. Giving a reason to keep playing despite the fact I might not get anything challenge related would make me happy during the grind.

That explains a lot. How is there not an afk kick timer yet?