Daily & Weekly Challenges...

Ever since 343 received the Halo Reach servers the daily & weekly challenges have been nothing but boring and too easy. I I don’t want to play Exodus LASO (Legendary All Skulls On, except Blind) and only receive 10k cR. Like yesterday’s challenges:

The 1st one: 180 kills in any game mode, easy as pie.
The 2nd one: Kill 10 enemies with the target locater on Sword Base, Serious?
The 3rd one: Any Campaign level with Thunderstorm on, Wow, just rush Winter Contingency or Nightfall in 5min.
The 4th one: Kill 3 enemies with ordnance weapons.

And Ride the Wave AGAIN: Complete 150 Waves in Firefight Matchmaking – 12000 cR; That’s not hard, that’s just annoying, 2 options: Play Firefight Arcade, or play Firefight Doubles with a friend and vote for Unearthed----2x score attack**.** One person drives the Warthog and the other one takes the Gunner seat.

Please make some new Challenges!


> Please make some new Challenges!


If you kept up to date you would know that the reason we have the same weekly was a hiccup on 343i’s part, they are releasing there own weekly challenge next week, and it’s safe to say, dailys to.

Dailies have always been repetitive and easy. Even when Bungie was around.